sin cos tan (2)

I measured the length of the reduced model.

And the real length.

I got the target length by using the proportion.
But is it troublesome to make the reduced model every time?

So I calculated the target length by using cos table.

This is how I got the target length:)

sin cos tan (1)

Hello. I am a math tutor.
Do you think it is possible to learn math in SL?

Today I will experiment how to know the distance between 2 spots which I cannot measure directly.

This is a model.
I cannot walk straight between these spots.

This tool is DDB (Dracy Drawing Board).
I set the picture to it.

I drew 3 lines.

I changed the background texture, moved the lines to fit the scale and measured the angles.
And I was able to know the target distance.
Do you want to know how I did?